Help! I've Caught Feelings! Does He Like Me Back?

G & G: I have a friend, let's call I'm J-, who I've known for about a year now, and I have a crush on him. In class he would always sit next to me, ask me to be his partner for any project, and make playful conversation. I was new to my current school last year and used to sit alone at lunch because I didn't know anyone, but every time he saw me he would tell me to join him and his friends. One time, J- used to sell suits, he told me that his boss sold the most suits because she was a really attractive woman. He went on to say that I should go into the suit sales business. What do you think? Does he feel the same way about me as I feel a
About him? Also, our school has a dance coming up soon, would it be weird if I asked him to go with me?

Thanks for your time!!! 😊


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  • It's hard to say whether he feels the same about you but there is something there. And by all means ask him. What have you got to lose? Either you succeed and land yourself a guy, or you don't and you get to move on faster. Good luck.


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