What are the most obvious signs a girl will show that she likes you?

... before she assumes you don't see her like that and gives up.

Apparently girls expect us guys to view some kind of look in our guys as a major hint...

... e. g. if she makes eye contact with you, she thinks she's being blatently obvious but with guys we just think 'wtf'. So can anyone list what signs they give, especially girls?


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  • Lol I don't even give eye contact. I'm way too shy.

    My boyfriend asked me out, after I told him to get his hippy hair off my books. (he has long hair) and was purposely "sleeping" in the hallway where there is a big table and I was next to him, doing my homework last minute. He threw it sideways and pretended to sleep with it on my stuff to get my attention. He then lifted his head and asked me if I think his hippy hair is hot. I said no and he said I'll come to like it if I fall in love with him.

    (I still hate that damn hair.)

    When it comes down to it, there are no signs and no safety. Either pick up the courage and approach, start a conversation, or masturbate. Girls won't fucking do it, I met enough of them to know.

    Unlike me who rarely picks up the courage to give anyone any signs, girls who give very obvious signs all the time mostly flirt for the attention and are not really interested in you. They mostly have more than enough suitors to choose from, the fact that they can flirt should tell you you don't have as much chance as you do with shy girls.

    Just approach. You never know. Ever.

    • Aha, brutal! 'Either pick up the courage or masturbate.'

      Most girls give some indication, I'm sorry but that's utter BS. Otherwise why do women always complain about random men approaching them. Not giving any clues lets on for this behaviour to be acceptable.

      You probably hang around with really unconfident girls and tbh, shy girls really turn me off. I don't mind quiet but shy girls I can imagine to become very boring, very clingy and very dependent. I, just like a girl, want someone confident to be in a relationship with. I get going all the way and asking a guy out is a lot for many girls, but not giving any clue whatsoever is just stupidly naive and very unattractive.

    • Now you're just being a bitch because you resent us not giving signals. I'm normal, I'm not clingy, boring, or dependent. I'm shy and yes more quiet by nature. My guy liked that about me. I don't know why, but he did. He says it's sweet. :/

      Yes we give indication, but some indication is not enough. It's never enough. I've given signals like being shy, accepting to hang out, picking up the courage to talk about common topics, smile more at him... I've given signals but it's always there wrapped in with friendly behavior. If I were a guy, I wouldn't be able to fucking know. How would you?

      And all girls are like this. They like him, they grab his attention, but it's always mixed in with friendly behavior that you can't know. It's too subtle.

      And girls who flirt, give signals, grab attention, they do it to most guys. So you can't know with them either.
      That's not my fault. You can sit there like a jackass deciphering, or approach and get to know a girl.

    • Even my boyfriend didn't approach me asking to fuck. Nor was I going to chop his head of even if he had gone that far. I would have said a simple no and we'd have moved on with our day.
      He didn't approach because he knew I liked him, he says he thought I was cute and approached to talk, get to know me. What so fucking scary about that, that a woman needs to throw her tits in your face first so you wouldn't be afraid of rejection. Coward.

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  • If the girl is shy, some will look at you a lot and look away when they caught you staring or blush. Some won't even look cause they are extremely shy. If they are around you they will do there best not to make any eye contact cause the way to nervous, plus they will fidget and shift a lot in there place.

    If she's out going she will smile often if she locks eye contact and sometimes she will make small talk or do something simple like "do you have a pencil?" Or "did you take the notes from yesterday?" Just simple stuff. Some girls attend to be more loud or more hyper around there crush or more flirtatious anything that will get the guys attention. They especially smile a lot or laugh when in conversation.

    Hope that helped a bit.

  • Ignore? Stares, and laughs, she likes you.

  • They text you a lot and may double or triple text you if you don't text back
    They may try to talk to you in a friendly way and not make it obvious that they like you.
    I would like the guy to tell me that he likes me. Instead of wondering.


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  • Some say it out right.


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