Guys, How long would you take to remove you profile after agreeing to become exclusive?

We have been dating for a month he seems very eager, complimentarty, attentive etc. We get along really well and laugh a lot. We agreed to become exclusive a few dasy ago, I would expect im to take his profile down with in 24 hours but I am new to this and have no idea what the etiquette is.

I took my profile down 1 week ago 75% because I was getting too busy with work and socail engaments to deal witht the emails and 25% because I could see this might progress. I assume he saw this but has not brought it up. Also I have been seeing other people during this month which is is aware of but he says he has not been seeing anyone else.


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  • If I am exclusive. I am exclusive on the spot and I would not keep advertising myself as open for business.

    Then my question for you and the one you should ask him is: Are you sure we are BOTH exclusive?


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