What's next after our second date?

I am a novice at dating and relationships. Had a great time on a date with this Guy. Date ended with him giving me two very nice soft kisses on the lips. Said let's do this again in a few weeks. Two weeks later he called for lunch and cocktails. It was another nice time BUT he's a busy real estate attorney at a law firm, partner actually - several trials and closings, litigation coming up. This date ended with a nice firm kiss on the lips. Said he'll call. I text and said I had a great time and just blurted he had beautiful eyes. He responded with a smile and said "Ha! it was good to see me too, thanks for the compliment, that now he was blushing and smiling. Hopefully we could get together again soon ". Is he interested in pursuing further? I like that he didn't try any awkward inappropriate sexual advances, a first for me. This last date was 4 days ago. Please help, I'm clueless. He's not good at calling when says he will, which BUGS me.


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  • DO NOT CALL HIM. Don't chase after some guy with a big title. Too many women do that to him already, you want to be different.

    He may be busy, but I'm sure he's got many other women going on too. Why wouldn't he? He's successful, handsome and in the prime of his years. So tread carefully. Don't be the other girls chasing after him with obsessive emails/ calls/ texts/...promise of sex...etc.

    Have him chase you. It'll be refreshing for him. Trust me.

    • Thanks for the response. I definitely don't want to do the chasing and have let him initiate contact. I rather approach it with confidence and not be needy and desperate because I always thought guys could sense that and be turned off. I'm just confused thinking I'm supposed to do something after our second date to let him know I'm definitely interested. Don't want him to think I'm not. Would a Guy kiss a girl on the mouth on both dates if he wasn't interested? Thx again!

  • I'm sure he's somewhat interested in you physically. But men can be interested in MANY women physically at the same time! What's different is a man only takes 5 min to know if he can sleep with you, but it takes him a LONG TIME to develop any emotional bonds. So the best course of action is for you to drag out this relationship for as long as possible, holding off sex. In the meantime, enjoy the courtship!

    Why? B/C you're already smitten with him. If you chase him/ sleep with him on the next date, and he doesn't call you for the next 2 weeks. You'll go nuts!

    I'm sure he know's you're interested, there's no point reinforcing it. He's a smart guy, he knows how you feel. The problem is I'm sure there are lots of contenders for the position to be his gf, and I don't know how to advice you on having him be more aggressive in dating you.

    Hope this helps.

    If I were you, I'd play my cards safe with him. And I'd start dating other guys, just in case he doesn't work out.

    Good luck!