Is he just friends with her or does he have feelings?

Help I feel like I'm stuck in a love triangle. So my best friend is close friends with this guy. They have known each other for maybe 5 years. He recently just moved here from Germany. He met my friend at work. He met my friend through work and their friendship developed slowly. He told her that she is the only friend he has here in Canada. He is extremely shy, self conscious and introverted. Recently I have been hanging out more with my old friend hence this guy as well. I havr developed some feelings for him. It seems like he is always staring at me and laughing at my jokes. He and I will always poke fun of my friend. I feel like we flirt sometimes but then nothing happens. I've maybe been hanging around him for a month. I know he's shy. But recently he invited my friend to a concert and didint invite me. This hurt my feelings. Does this mean he's not intested in me or is it just because he's shy and his only friend is my friend. Maybe it didint cross his mind to ask me. I need opinions please?


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  • It sounds like he is a bit interested. But, refraining from acting on it out of respect for his "only friend".

    Perhaps if she knew you had feelings for him, she would clear the path for you two.

    • Ok why is he refraining to act on it out of respect for his only friend. Is it because he has feelings for her or just so he doesn't mess up the friendship. I'm confused

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    • No I get that I guess I wasnet expecting an invite without her since we don't know each other that we'll but I assumed if he liked me he would have asked me to join too? or no is that expecting too much?

    • assuming gets you nowhere.

      Remember we're civilized. People do plenty they don't want to out of respect for others and their feelings.

      You need to find out if your friend is interested in him before anything. Be frank, by askig her directly. If she is, he's off limits. If not, she might help coax you two towards a first date.

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  • I don't think he meant he wasn't interested.


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  • I think he has more interest in her at the moment. Its up to you to change his mind, if you feel like it.


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