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Me and this guy are having 'something' and it may get to the next level. I'm just freaking concerned about my body hair!! I have peach fuzz ALL OVER MY BODY! And in some areas it is very noticeable, like arms, a bit of sideburns and belly. I bleach it and since my skin tone is white/"tanned", it doesn't stands out a lot. But my peach fuzz concerns me, I have it in every inche of my body! 😞 I do have a nice body (so I've been told), but it doesn't matter because body hair screws it all up. What are your thoughts on it? What do you think the guy will think about it? (I shave/wax down there, armpits and legs.) Thank you in advance. And do not judge me as disgusting, since it is a genetic condition. And sorry for any English mistake!
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  • I think you'll be okay. Everyone has flaws, even if your a 10/10. I bet he has things on him you don't like, does that bug you?


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  • Just shave it and u will be fine ^^ bleaching makes it grow more i heared so avoid it waxing is way better ^^

  • he will be fine!


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