How to go about talking to a girl to get only sex from her?

i know how to talk to a girl to get her into a relationship with me but how do i do it only for sex? is it the same approach as the relationship way except you invite them over quicker? i never done it this way before. Im also 18.
i also dont like hurting girls feelings at all but stating my intentions never seems to work


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  • I think you need to get your priorities in order... if you are so hell-bent on just getting sex out of a "relationship" then you are going to end up hurting a lot of girls even though you said you don't like hurting girls.


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  • Step 1: change your mindset on sex. Stop viewing it as something you take from her and start looking it as something you share together.

    Step 2: if step 1 is done, then know that any girl who you have sex with you is going to have lots of funny and be lucky they decided to have sex with you.

    Step 3: don't be creepy about being sexually attracted to a girl.

    Step 4: be honest about your intentions and the words will come. You don't need lines


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  • You be honest and tell her you want sex from the beginning. And if she says no you leave her alone

    • Stating your intentions does not work because you want her to say yes because you want sex real bad

  • dont do that!


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