Is he serious about me or not? Guys I need your help please?

Just to let you know we are long distance, but met in person last year, didn't meet on internet, but kept in touch via facebook Skype etc, and I visited him back in January but he had some stress back in June, and we didn't speak since. He has just returned come back in my life, one week ago, asking for a new start?

I sent him this message.

I've come to a decision.
You wanted a new start with me.
That new start begins with you meeting me
I will come to meet
Will you meet me yes or no?
If yes great.
If you say no i'm moving onto meet someone else
and I mean it
if you care about me
you will say yes or i'm really gone.
Its upto you
Its your last chance to meet me

I recieved a reply I would love to meet you
I don't want to miss out on this last chance

Would you say's he seriously didn't want to lose me, and he does want a relationship with me?


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  • I would've made a date when we would meet


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