I like two very different women does anyone have advice?

This is a situation I never thought i would ever find myself in but I've been dating this lovely woman for about two and half months now and everything is going great but i've noticed i'm finding myself attracted to a co-worker and I definitely feel there is chemistry between us. I'm not sure what to do!
I haven't really discussed being exclusivewith the current woman im dating because she likes to take things slow, although we both know we aren't dating anyone else. I do have a strong physical attraction to her. I've known this co worker for at least six months and we've always had great conversations and we have even spent time outside of work together playing tennis and other outdoor things It's only been about the last month or so that i realize i like her and that the chemistry between us is strong. Im sure she feels it as well even people at our job think were already dating by the way we go back and forth with each other. Anyways i've just been racking my brain about what i should do. I feel like i should see how it works out with the current woman and just keep building my friendship with my co worker, but like I said the chemistry is there between us and I dont want to risk missing out on something great with someone...


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  • I'd probably make a pros and cons list for both of them, and ask myself things like, "Who has a better sense of humor?", "Who has similar interests as me?", "Who do I have more of a natural connection with?", "Who would I rather introduce to my parents?", etc.

    Dating the second woman would be cute since your relationship with her would have stemmed from a friendship. Then again, if you guys were to break up, the work environment would probably be uncomfortable.

    Weigh out your pros and cons! I know it's a hard decision, but try not to lead either one of them on in the process of deciding. If the woman you're currently dating has strong potential and you really like her, it may be best to continue things with her.

    • Thanks you! It really is a tough decision. Right now nothing is serious with the current woman, and I'm still friends with the other so I do have time to sort all of this out and figure who is the right match.

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  • This gonna sound fucking insane ok, but trust me on this. Jerk off, then check for which one of the two you might still have feelings for. So you will know its not about Lust.

    • Haha, Its not insane, I totally understand what you mean.

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