European men vs American men: What's your take on how they approach women and courting?

I've only had experience with American men being from the U. S. Recently, I just met a man from Switzerland, and his approach is unlike anything I've experienced. He's very open, says exactly what he's thinking, asks questions. Even the flirting is different, he seems to move in quickly. At first, I was uncomfortable with such openness, but after getting to know him, it's been a lovely experience. I guess he's less guarded than what I'm used to. What do you girls think? Guys too. Are European men more in tune with women? Maybe due to cultural differences?


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  • American women are paranoid and cry rape/harassment if you say hello. Plus schools punish you growing up for acting like a boy.

    So you condition yourself not to talk to women in potentially dangerous ways (i. e. don't talk at all unless professionally obligated), unless you're willing to suffer negative repercussions.

    European countries have a less paranoid relationship. At least compared to the U. S. (and it depends upon the country).

    • I too think that masculinity is more important here. It's taught essentially as a way for boys/men to act or behave.

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  • I think it's more common to meet a guy like that when he was not born in the US. It's not in American culture to be open or to be in tune with women. Both of those qualities found together would be odd for an American but I'm sure it does happen sometimes.

    • I too believe it's a cultural thing.

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  • "Europe" has too many different cultures to paint them all with one stroke.

    I think the same would be true to an extent in the US. People would be open or uptight depending on where you were.

  • Generalising like that is such a female thing to do

    • Oh, I'm asking a general question but not generalizing. I'm just noticing a different approach. And as I mentioned, I was not comfortable with it at first. And stating that this question is a "female" thing is doing exactly what you're talking about. No offense to American men in this question. Just a matter of cultural style.

    • I am far from American but my point is that its perfectly normal for people from different parts of the world to have a different approach to dating. The approach of a man born and raised in Saudi Arabia for example is going to be totally different than the approach of a man born and raised in the UK.

    • Agreed, I guess I'm noticing a somewhat drastic difference in style and it made me think. All cultures are different, and certainly you can't say one is this way, and the other is that way completely.

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  • never found either to be enticing


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