Guys, how can I get a boy to like me?

im a loud girl. i dont scream but i laugh a lot, i love to sing and smile and im always talking...
recently I've been down because all of my friends are getting boyfriends and im always thirdwheeling. and it really sucks. i want to find out how i can attract a sophmore or a freshman and maybe find someone to be with for a little while so im not always so lonely... any tips?


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  • I know this is going to sound stupid, but BE YOURSELF! A lot of girls these days aren't ever themselves when around friends or other people who they aren't close with. You just need to branch out to new guys, don't get stuck on one guy at a time. It works so much better when your are flirting with a ton of guys. But do not be overly flirty. Sometimes that can be a turn off. Don't be afraid to talk to new people! Good luck!


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