Why is this guy so confusing?

Well, I think I like this one guy.
he's like my best friend, we always pick on each other and play video games together.
He told me once that he likes to get me angry because it's cute, and he worries when I don't reply back to him sometimes. However, he can be really mean like savage asf. He also doesn't text or talk with interest. He usually speaks or texts with one word responses.
He screenshotted a picture of me and when I asked him why he was like: none of your business. Then a couple weeks later he confessed to me that it was because I looked beautiful in that one picture.
I dont want want to make any assumptions or anything, but I feel like he likes me but I don't know if he really does.
He has never had a girlfriend or anything and that makes me assume he doesn't like me.


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  • yes, he likes you. you know how i know that? if he didn't he wouldn't bother hanging around you.

    you should totally make out with him. it will make his day, possibly his week.

    • He told me once he's never been kissed.

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