How long does it take you to get over a crush you see every day, but found out that they're in a relationship?

Cause it sucks and I want to stop these feelings.


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  • A few weeks. But somehow the attraction is gone immediately...

    • Yeah, the sexual attraction pretty much vanished. But the chemistry is still there, and I don't like it because it keeps feeling like we have potential that will never happen.

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  • depends. if she was in a relationship before i had a crush on her, then it's pretty much whatever. if it's after, about a couple of weeks depending how good of friends we are.


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  • Talk to other girls
    Or just jerk off whenever u think of her

  • The only way to get over it is to talk to her.

    • What exactly am I supposed to say? "Hey, I have feelings for you but I know you already have a boyfriend, I just wanted to tell you and make things awkward between us."

    • Why are you making this so difficult? Just try talking to her not try to get with her. Become a friend and if you still have feelings for her then come back here and talk to me.

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