Why would a manager harass and terrorize a female for no reason?

my cousin began working for this insurance company last year. The guy who owned it was this 33 year old who seemed super nice at first. You could tell he probably had money- I mean like he was probably a millionaire. He was decent looking and my cousin is pretty. He was nice to her at first, but when she got certified to sell he started playing these crazy weird head games with her. He began manipulating her, lying to her, and treating her like dirt. He was just leading her on and acting really cruel. She was just an honest decent agent who was doing everything everyone else was doing. He literally just wanted to crush her in this really crazy way- like put her through hell, ruin her self esteem, not let her sell and play games lead her on. There was no reason for this obviously- he was super nice at first she said but then turned into a raving lunatic - dr jekyll, mr hyde just like that. Why would a guy who has lots of money, do that to a woman for no damn reason who was an 'agent' working for his company. Was he just a sadist or a sociopath? Woman hater? it seems weird. It seems like he wanted to just destroy her- for a day she was totally numb b/c he finally abused her really badly and yelled at her on the phone and put her down belittling her after playing head games for a week... he didn't want her making any money and just wanted to control and torture her or something...

she's just a nice good person- what would compel this freak to just want her to suffer this way and put a woman through this kind of crap


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  • Some people are assholes and money may give you a lot of things but it doesn't come attached to morals or mental stability. So hopefully she hit the door running a little older and wiser.

    • she did... but why would he just want to do that to a female? he didn't do it to other agents.. maybe he did screw over one or two but the way he did it to her--was really out there.

    • He Might have been attracted to her and been a little sadistic or has mommy issues. Maybe wanted to put her in a position where she was compelled to do something she didn't want to do in return for a break. She is fortunate she left when she did, sometimes this stuff gets in peoples heads and they do things they normally wouldn't.

    • oh ok... that makes sense. I think he was attracted to her, but then went psychotic just wanting ot bring her down... it makes no sense, but the way u explained how he wanted to put her in a vulnerable position would be a possible explanation--still scary but thanks

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