Is this a bad reason to stay with this guy?

My dating life, its always me who gets hurt because I always go for guys who I think are out of my league. I have only had 2 relationships and dated 1 guy that didn't go anywhere, and all these encounters have ended with the guy finding a more interesting (maybe better, I won't know) girl than me. So after recovering from being dumped badly, I wanted to try giving guys who I would never be interested in a chance. I usually go for really confident and witty guys.

So this guy who works at this coffee shop i go to pretty regularly, finally asked for my number (could tell he was interested for a while). I decided to give him a chance even though he was so awkward and nervous just asking. Our first date, he was super shy, quiet and awkward. Second date, the same. Our third kind of date, more just hanging out, he wasn't as shy but still really awkward. However, i see potential in this guy. He's smart and we have really deep interesting conversations but he's not very whitty and doesn't get my dark sarcastic humor. He definitly likes me more and its feel different and nice to have someone like me more than the reverse. So I was thinking about sticking it out and slowly training him to be a more confident and whitty person. And also on the physical said, he could be good looking if he tried a little harder. Would this make me a bad person to keep dating him, just so i can mold him into a guy i would perfer?


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  • You go girl 👍 Continue.
    There's always room for development and it won't make you a bad person but will make you a good one instead if the changes you want are pragmatically optimistic. You might get a good partner and he might become a better himself. What's wrong?

    Best wishes :)


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  • Nothing wrong with that. Guys change woman all the time "honey... maybe sweat pants aren't something to ware to my company party... here I got you a black little dress ;).


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