Why does he tell me goodnight?

I broke up with my ex and it was a mistake. If I text him goodnight he still responds. Might he want to get back together?


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  • You have to ask him, but I assume he just said it back to you because you said goodnight to him in the first place.


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  • Perhaps... Or he could now be enjoying the fruits of his freedom.
    In Texting, it's good he knows you are still keeping the lines of convo wide open. And maybe you could even suggest hanging out sometime to find out what else might be more in store.
    It might might not Be... Goodnite, Irene.
    Good luck. xx

  • If you feel like you made a mistake in breaking up with him, then go ahead and tell him that you want to get back together. The longer you wait, the more you risk actually losing him for good.

    • Thanks we are back together because I finally did tell him. He's putting in an effort and things are going great.

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