Girls, Is it unusual to like someone who intimidates you or you them?

Is it unusual to like someone who intimidates you? I met this girl my first week back and she has a habit of looking at me for extended periods of time. I can't say I hate it , but I'm falling for her. She's a sophomore girl from my choir and Spanish class. She's got this edgy attitude to her for a theatre kid and I like. Her eyes are a brilliant piercing color to match her vibrant personality. The only issue she's been long time friends with one of my close guy friends.

The other girl randomly pops up and she's extremel shy for a senior. I've walked close to her and she stutters when we talk. Her eyes match her bubbly and shy personality. I see her every day during my open periods she's always outside my class looking at everyone. The fact that she's like this intrigues me. She's amazingly sweet. She's like an awkward flirt.

I'm none for being an ambiverted person. I like a challenge and both are inigmas. Who is a better fit for me?


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  • Yeah, that's kinda unusual


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