Adults Is Being Desperate the answer?

I will be 30 soon.. still single.. Many would say I am doing something wrong others I may be cursed or just meant to be alone. The last two I can't argue with. time flies by soo fast it's crazy. back to the point. I always felt like a woman who didn't have high standards in the physical area. Meaning I would date men who didn't have jobs, cars and didn't carry themselves well. But I made sure it was something about them I was attracted to. My family thought my standards were extremely low. I agreed sometimes. But I still demanded respect from most of those men. I wouldn't believe their b. s, didn't let them talk to me anyway, use me for money , play game with me, or if they had other women in the picture, I'd just move on and not waste my time.

I use to know a girl who had a regular sexual relationship with a younger guy. the guy was living with another woman and having sex with many others. lets call him a player. The guy would insult her a lot he'd comment on her obese weight and looks. He'd say things like I don't need to be seeing you, look at you. I can get any girl I want. She never said or did anything. She would treat this guys well. She'd take him on shopping sprees for clothes, shoes, by him food always and kept money in his pockets. She also went through a lot of drama from some of the women he was seeing. I use to think I would never let a man treat me that bad and let him use me for money. But eventually this guy gave her a baby something she always wanted. I know I wouldn't be that lucky but she is blessed. beyond blessed. . Anyways on another note.
I use to despise women who slept with married men. I thought they were the lowest. and I always said to myself. I would never date a married man because I wouldn't want that to come back on me when I get married. Plus I've always been the type of woman to want a man to myself. But I know I will never get married and I've accepted that. But I feel like the loneliest woman on earth, I can


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  • your friend isn't blessed~ she's trying to hook this guy into staying with her, when she knows that he has no intention of ever committing, because she has no self-esteem and thinks that this is what she deserves.

    i am 28, and it's only recently that i've met my soulmate. after tolerating unhappy and dysfunctional relationships (much as your friend did) for many years, i finally woke up and realized that i was worth more- that i was deserving of love and happiness. it was then, and only then, that i found someone worthy of me and my awesomeness.

    desperation makes us do stupid things; please don't reduce yourself to that. if you don't first love yourself, how can you expect another person to do the same?


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