Is this typical friend with benefits behavior?

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I have been seeing someone for quite some time in a casual relationship. Now, this is my first relationship of this kind and I constantly have to remind myself that it will be nothing but casual. Not because I wouldn't want it to be something more... but because I am sure he wants to keep it that way. So the other night, I was showing my friends with benefits something on my phone and he took it from me and joked that he was going to look through my texts. I took my phone back and laughed it off thinking it was nothing but a joke and he became a little serious, saying that he "knew he wasn't the only one" and that he was "curious to see what I had in there".

Days prior to this, he had been asking to go on a trip with me "because he just wants to see what a vacation would be like with me", he holds my hand while cuddling, he now puts his arm around me when we walk somewhere and he has been saying that he would like to "go out with me more". One day he made a comment letting me know he has not been seeing anyone but me for a while.

When I remembered he made that comment after the phone incident, I told him that he was free to look at my phone (but I have to also look at his, lol) and that if he wants me to be exclusive, he can just ask. I also pointed out how he has been making comments wanting to find out if I'm exclusive lately and that he should just know that I am. He replied with a joke "oh, you noticed that, you little detective" but said nothing more.

Now, like I said, I have never had this kind of relationship before and want to know if this is typical behavior because I don't want to over analyze and think this means more than simply a normal friends with benefits thing. I've heard some people become quite possessive in this kind of relationship, but I'm not sure it seemed that way to me...


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  • I think you need to ask what he wants and be up front... someone always wants more in this scenario


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