Online Dating Profile Help me improve it?

Basically i am about to give up, when i am out and about i get a lot of girls flirting with me but i don't have the confidence to ask them out as i get flusterred making the associated small talk!

So i was wondering if you guys and gals had any tips for my profile maybe which pics are the best, if it needs any extra info etc..
As a lot of girls i message look at my profile but do not respond to my message why is it so hard to just find the one-


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  • first few pics need to go. u look like an angry chav in the grey hoodie pic. the others on your back make you look too wimpy. The drinking question needs an answer or we think you are an alcoholic.
    Raves, Arrow, Marvel, YouTube, Game of thrones all need to go.
    now for the rest:

    I'm currently studying a degree at the moment and enjoy having a laugh with my friends! - makes you sound like u just want a girl to mess about
    In the future I would like travel to the likes of Italy, Canada, Japan and New Zealand as it would be interesting to explore new horizons. - oh goody you are going to run away and ditch whoever you meet.
    I also run a YouTube Channel with 20,000+ Subscribers - Nerdy much? alongside studying for my degree. I am really close to my family something which is important to me as well as Honesty. - kinda sweet leave that in.

    In my free time I like play the drums and I'm a big fan of the outdoors as when i was younger i was always sleeping under the stars. - cheesy
    I am a bit like Hovis bread as i have a preference for dance and rock music on a night out but i also appreciate a quiet night in enjoying the best of both, but I always maintain a good sense of humor and make the best of every experience! - you are like bread? really? no. just no.

    Message me if your interested!


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