So, I am 17 in two days and I need help. I want to have a girlfriend but am very shy. Any tips/help?

So when I go out I never talk to girls I don't know cuz I am just scared or I just don't know what to say. I am really confused. I think am generally a preety guy, and I had girlfirends in the past but it was never me that tried to get one, they just kinda showed up. They made all the moves to get in touch with me. But I need help to organise myself into being able to talk to girls and or meet them. Really need help. Guys/girls can help. Thanks Peeps :D


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  • Just start asking girls out and the first "yes" you get go on it.


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  • The best advice you can get is to not want a girlfriend in the first place.


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  • here's a tip: dont be shy

    • It's not that simple..

    • I know its not but who said its going to be simple? Its a lot harder if you're waiting for the girl to approach

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