Guys, I don't know what to do?

there's this guy in my class. I have a crush on him since last year. I already tried to talk to him last year and he was often touching me "by accident" but then he got a girlfriend but they broke up in the summer hollidays. I'm a very very shy person and I don't know how I get him to notice me :( . I instandly blush and always become extremely nervous when i talk to him. I'm so afraid that it's obvious. :(
What should I do?
I'm so scared to get rejected and that he thinks I'm creepy bc I would forget what to say or that he would tell it to all our classmates.


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  • Listen carefully,
    A girl had a big crush on me for 2 months, i knew it.
    The first time i talked to her "excuse me, do u have a pen?"
    she was looking at me like a dumb girl, who cannot listen and speak.
    this behaviour is general when your crush is talking to u, but talk to him once,
    trust me, it ain't that scary, he is also human, just talk to him once,
    make eye contact with him, just show him that u like him...
    rest, if he likes u, he will talk to u


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