Why do so many girls think guys like simply being 'accepted' by a girl rather than 'wanted'?

Most girls will tell you that they want to be with a man who truly wants them, who values them highly and would go to great lengths to please her. I'm fine with this, except that many of those same girls act like the most they can give in reciprocity is to 'accept' a guy, like that's some favor to him. I guess this comes from girls' idea that guys are the seekers and they are the choosers, like they're the admissions committee or something. I'm not okay with this because I think it's the reason for so many unhappy relationships. The woman feels like she's the superior party and the guy eventually gets tired of playing strictly by her rules.


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  • Aren't they the same thing?

    • Not at all. Acceptance is, "who you are isn't offensive to me, and I can tolerate it." Wanting is "I think you're amazing and better than most other guys I've met in the past year."

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