Why are guys 40+ and 50+ looked down on if they date young women?


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  • Because it's weird and shallow. What do you think you would have in common with a 50 year old woman?
    It's about looks on his side and money on hers. I bet you'll never see a 50 year old plumber with a hot 20 year old.

    You're not supposed to date people old enough to be your grand parents. They don't biologically make good mates, which is why most people have a natural aversion to relationships like that

    • well, that's exactly they why some old guys would prefer to date young women lol

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    • @Stacyzee it's not common TODAY, it has been the norm basically all of our evolutionary history, which is why we're programmed to think like that.
      And ya, generation after generation of teen parents used to be normal. My grandmother was 19 (my grandfather 21) when she had my father, her mother was 17 when she had her first child and her mother was 15. It doesn't get so much younger, because obviously there are biological constraints but you'll find that people average around 15 to have their first child.

      Our parents changed something that has been the norm for centuries, which is to have children in your teens. So to us now it seems weird, because don't know anything but our parents, but it's not weird, it's normal

    • And asker you're not getting what I said at all

      "a 50 year old would already have of his own that would at least be in their teens" ya, exactly my point. He's done having children, making him not a good mate for someone in their reproductive prime, who inherently is looking for mates to reproduce with.
      Old men father unhealthy children, people subconsciously get that, which is why it makes uncomfortable to see old men with young women

  • Because people in healthy relationships usually share common interests and views, and are on a similar level in terms of personal development and experience, etc. 50-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman are very likely to have little to nothing in common, that's why older men are viewed as sexual predators who chase younger women solely because of their looks.

    • doesn't sexual predator mean rapist?

    • and even if they do, he'll be dead and she'l alone thinking about the life she could've had instead of being a free nurse and a sex toy.

    • Don't know, English is not my first language.

  • Generally speaking ,
    When it comes to topics such as age , race , sex and religion people share very strong views.
    Either someone is extremely okay with it or very against it.
    The people that dislike it tend to be angered by it.
    I don't think some people understand why someone would want to date a woman that could be their own daughter.
    People are usually okay with age gaps but there comes a line where some may consider it too much.
    Some older men tend to use young women (if she's naive) for sex.
    Besides disliking the age itself , that's where the anger comes from.
    What people don't understand is that a younger woman (if experienced) can also use a man... but for money and other items.

    Older doesn't always mean more knowledgeable.

  • Because men Only date younger women for sex and they only see her as a status symbol
    They usually don't care about her they just want to brag to their friends


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  • People in general look down on them as using their wealth or status to get the younger women.

    Women in their 40s and 50s feel like they are being left out in the cold as no longer desirable.

  • Im not that age, but if i were i wouldn't even care. Let the haters hate.

  • cause it's wrong. but why do you care?

    • because it will be me in about 30 years time, i don't want people to think badly of me for my dating preferences :/

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    • at lest we've discovered you're motives.

    • not to mention, there's nothing to build.

  • I imagine it's just kind of weird. I mean most 40+ to 50+ are in different stages of their lives. Sure adults are adults, but a infant and a 9 year old are both children but in different stages of their lives too. Same thing.

    • derp

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    • That's rather funny.

    • i don't even know what you're talking about now

  • I don't. I don't think most men do, it's women who don't like guys going for much younger women. Nobody likes competition, especially competition you can't beat.

    • I bet most men would get sick imaging that was their daughter or sister.

    • @nalaa

      I wouldn't, as long as she was old enough to know her own mind.

    • nalaa, I 'm quite sure they don't imagine the girl they're sleeping with as their daughter.

  • I look down on the younger girls chasing after older guys. Mostly because I'm bitter and jealous that I'm not older. Young guys have it rough in the dating world I can't wait to be in my 30s.


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