Gave Ultimatium To A Guy, Is He Really Interested In A Serious Relationship With Me? What do you guys think?

Just recently my ex has come back into my life, we haven't spoke since end of June, and out of the blue, I got a message from him, I said why have you just come back after all this time, he said he thought about me, he missed me, he hurt me, but wants a new start with me.

I told him I wasn't going to wait around for him to message me when he felt like it
I would move on and find someone else
I said I wasn't looking for a bit of fun, he never insinuated that, but wanted to make it clear to him
I said I was looking for a real relationship

I then gave him an ultimatium

I've come to a decision that new start, starts by you meeting me
is yes then great
if no I am moving on to find someone else, and I mean it
If you care about meet you will meet otherwise I am really gone
it's upto you, it's your last chance to meet me

He replied to my message

I would love to see you
don't want to miss out on this last chance

He's been in regular contact everyday since issuing him with the ultimatium

so what do you guys think, was he scared to lose me? Does he really want a relationship with me?
A serious relationship?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hard to tell. If nothing has changed you'll break up for the same reason again. I think it's more about sex

    • But To be Fair, having met me in October 2014, and been in contact everyday, he knows I was never like that, and
      he also knows that I am very shy, when I saw him back in January he was very shy also with me, when he saw me again

    • Then go for it

Most Helpful Girl

  • Had the same situation. Gave him 3 chances total.
    Excuse 1: His mum died. Alright, it was public, he told the truth. A month passed.
    Excuse 2: He failed an exam, he has to study. Been there, ok. A week passed.
    Excuse 3: Got sick on the bus, had to travel home. (postonded 15 minuts before the date) - instadump


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What Guys Said 2

  • If he meets with you that is a good start. Go from there. If not, he is full of it, just dump him.

  • I think you should meet him and find out from him instead of asking us who, quite frankly, are in absolutely no position to answer any of these questions.


What Girls Said 2

  • You approach is all wrong.. Don't give ultimatums. They don't work.. Focus on your inner self instead. What do you want? Do you this man as he is today to be the love of your life? He broke your heart once, what makes you think he won't again?
    Set the terms by being in the driver seat. Don't go to him and give him a laundry list to decide upon. You decide what you want and stick to it
    meanwhike intinue daring and NEVER stop! Until you get a ring

  • I think he does want a serious relationship...


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