Guys, what do you love about Feminine Energy?

What makes a woman radiant to you? :)


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  • A lot of guys won't answer this because on this site labeling anything "masculine" or "feminine" is largely taboo. I don't know why, so what if a lot of guys actually find feminine traits in a woman attractive. That isn't hurting anyone. But I digress:

    What I love about feminine energy could fill a book! Let's start with seeing a woman. Her long flowing hair, her sparkling smile, the way her eyes light up when she is genuinely happy. When she walks and her hips sway and her flowing hair floats in the wind. You know that is the origin of the phrase "poetry in motion"? Seeing a beautiful woman walk. Now I say beautiful, I don't mean she has to be a model, or anything close. Despite what they put in magazines many women of different shapes and sizes can be breathtaking!

    No I mean that, when I walk up to them and they turn and smile at me with those luminescent eyes, I find it hard to breathe. Of course I pretend like its no big deal and suck it up so I can appear suave and confident (as best I can!) so I can talk to her.

    What I like in talking to her is that she is positive. No, not mindlessly so, but upbeat generally, always knows how to brighten my day, even if its just a little bit. She doesn't have a grudge, or hate me, for no reason. She is friendly, and easy to talk to. Not judgmental. Someone you can confide in. She is smart, can hold her end of the conversation, and even help me a little bit, as I am secretly quite shy. Smart enough to realize that being positive, being caring, is not the same as being stupid and naive, despite what many in society think.

    She likes nice things, but doesn't value them over loved ones. She realizes that relationships are about altruism, not an epic struggle for power. That being nice because you love someone, isn't the same as being a "doormat". Loyal both emotionally and physically, she has others in her life but I am always number one in her beautiful eyes, as she is in mine.

    • WOW!! That was an amazing response. :) Thanks for taking the time to explain all that - and why other guys may not answer. I am fairly new to site and did not know such a questions is taboo.

    • It shouldn't be but it is. Anything "traditional" is seen as a threat, typically, whereas it used to be anything "non traditional" was a threat. I wish society would actually accept everyone, instead of needing to make out a "bad guy".

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