What are some funny text re-openers to text a girl?

Last week I was texting this girl that my friend introduced me too and accidently close ended the conversation in which she didn't end up replying back. What are some funny text reopeners that I could use to eventually lead up for me to ask her out


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  • Hey sorry it's been a few days since I texted you. I was kidnapped by the little mermaid and forced into a seashell bra. I finally escaped when nemo finally found me.

    I find this extremely corny and stupid, but I'd laugh at it if a guy sent it to me so...

    • Haha thanks for the reply, I might end up using this if it's ok. How about if I just ask her if she wants to hang out sometime, would that be too forwards as the opening text?

    • I would say hi first and get in a conversation, and THEN go by the way u wanna hangout sometime? So it's casual and she doesn't feel like you're being too forward. And yeah it's totally cool if you use it๐Ÿ˜

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  • My dog ate my homework... oh my mistake you use that at school

    Anything can do even a simple hi


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  • we're not that picky, just compliment us and we'll notice you...


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  • I just shit my pants. What's up?


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