Ex Comes Back Wants To Take It Slow, What Does He Mean? Should I be Worries, Guys Help Please?

So my ex has just come back into my life, I asked him why, and he said he thought about me, he missed, I hurt you, I want another start.
He told me he wants to take it slow, what does he mean by this, should I be worried?


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  • Be cautious because the fact that he's come back means that the grass he thought would be greener turns out to be a myth. To be honest. My advice would be to tell him that he made his bed so go lie in it. Show him that you can survive without him. x

    • I did to be honest well, we had a fight in June, he took it out on me, and I didn't contact him whatsoever, and then he messaged me a week ago.
      He knows I am not the type of girl, that would just sleep with him

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    • We are longdistance, haven't seen each other since January. We did meet in person in the first place, in October 2014, and skyped, talked via phone, and messaged each other, everyday sometimes for upto 5 hours

    • Well long distance relationships do take a lotof work. But if he is willing to dissappear for so long and then just reappear then in my eyes hesnot showing you the respect you deserve. So his intentions are shady at most and his effort towards you needs to be worthy. x

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