I always hear back from my dates, but never can land a second one?

I've only had a couple dates where I flat out just didn't hear from the girl again. Maybe I'm not setting up the second date quickly enough, but I almost always hear from the girl the next day after the day. Usually I'll text and ask if she made it home ok and we continue texting from there. I haven't ever setup a second date during the first one, but I'll always indicate wanting to take her out again and tell her something along the lines of we can figure something out. I say this on the first date, usually at the end. Am I doing anything wrong? We usually text for a few days after the initial date and then they kind of just quit responding to texts.


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What Girls Said 1

  • My read = U r just crash landed on a super "bad luck" dating streak.

    This happens with me.
    Like, for an entire month, I date a series of guys I never want to see again.
    All great, just not for me.

    It DOES pass.

    • Should the guy be arranging his second date during the first one? Also I'm assuming if you don't want to see them again then you just never contact them again after the date right? How come I always hear from mine?

    • a1. Guys arranging second dates on a first one with ME = a TOTAL deal breaker = desperate af
      a2. (laughing) I NEVER contact men, even the ones I like. All I ever do is respond when THEY contact ME.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah maybe you should try to set up a second date during the first one. Or at least at the end say, ''So when am I taking you out a second time? '' But in all honesty, since I am single again I had many first dates but a very few second dates. IF it doesn't click, it doesn't click. Don't push it.


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