What Do I Do (I'm Crushing Badly)?

So the guy I like hates me I think, because my friends asked him to prom for me when I told them not to. He ended up reacting not the way I planned, and never talked to me (everything was awkward!). I'm very shy when it comes to him, and I don't know how to communicate, without becoming a giant fool. Can somebody please give me some advice on what I should do? I wrote him a letter apologizing on how big of jerks my friends were being, also asked him if we could still be friends. He said to my messenger (my other friend that went on his bus) that it was okay and we could still be friends. Please help me out, thank you. :)
Its not only about prom, I think its more about him :) I really like him. But I don't know how to confront him or even really communicate. What do I do about this?


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  • First mistake I see that you made here is that you even told your friends about him. Because when girls ask people out for their friends it always throws up a red flag for me. When I am ever asked no matter who it is or how much I like them, I always say no. It could just be a stupid joke and screw over the guys reputation. And trust me rep is important. Pro tip of the day: DO NOT TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHO YOU LIKE; TRUST NO ONE


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  • Darling that boys does not deserves to take you to the prom. I would ask another boy that deserves it more if I was you.

  • It sounds like you've started repairing the damage. Ask him if he still wants to take you to the prom and tell him you want to with him


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