Guys, do you think its sincere?

This guy I've been friends with for a while always joked when I was single he wanted to be with me. Well I'm single and he's come full force, texting and snapchatting almost everyday, calls me perfect, beautiful, cute, says how he wants to just cuddle with me, sends me love songs to listen to, tells me he knows I'm worth it which is why he talks to me, he has mentioned sex and we've talked about it but when I tell him no its not going to happen anytime soon he moves on and continues talking. He has come right out and said he wants to be with me but I don't know if he's serious or not, the side of him I've always seen is him being a player. What do you think? One more thing, why do men send Snapchat to you and post it as their story. I don't get that! Call me silly... I've been outta the dating scene a while!
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  • It's hard to say with this guy, but I'd lean toward him being in it for the sex. But the more he's willing to wait, I would say he's in it for the relationship. Really get to know him very well and find out for sure whether he's in it for a relationship or just in it for the sex.


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  • I'd tell him: If you really want to date me, then go ahead, take me on a real date and we'll see how it goes. ;)

  • he seems to be crazy about you. tell him you're saving sex for marriage. see what reaction'll get.

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    • Getting violent because she won't put out for him? If she suspects he's the rapist type, why the heck would she be with him in the first place?

    • @ObscuredBeyond girls don't always look deeper then whar's on the surface, makes it easy for one such guy to hide who he is.

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