Should I text him first?

So, I met this guy on online-dating site a week ago. We've been talking through text since then. But he stopped texting me since last Saturday because he had sort of family issue. However, we both agreed to meet up this week as a friend. Should I text him asking about the meet up or not?


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  • Sure thing. Just keep it short and casual. Ask how he is doing, but don't make it too long.

    • what do you think if he doesn't reply my message within a day? does it mean he's not interested anymore?

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    • Weel... I guess he will never respond 'cause it's been two days. plus, he didn't even show up on the date

    • Sorry to hear that darling :( YOu gave it your best shot. And you are young and I am sure pretty too and you'll have noooo problem meeting another guy that will not take you for granted ;)

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  • Personally, i would text him and ask how he. I wouldn't mention meeting up. That way it shows you are thinking about him and care enough to be concerned , because you know he has family issues. I would only text once then " leave the ball in his court".

    If he is genuine he will appreciate your concern for him, and he'll respond to your text asking how he is. 💛🌷😊


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  • Well you agreed to do it, in his place I would like to see that you still remember and that you're interested yet

    • but doesn't it sound a little aggressive to mention the meet up?

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