Guys has there ever been a girl you really liked and you knew 100% that they liked you back yet you still never approached them?

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  • No, if I knew they liked me then I was all over them
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  • Story of my life lol... I wish I knew how to deal with him. Then anxiety steps in and usually get so upset with him or myself that I just basically just leave.


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  • I voted "C" and I'll tell you why.

    No, there has never been a I really liked and I knew ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT (Key phrase here) that they liked me back and I never approached them. However, if a guy is sure a girl likes him, that why approach her? I know it's traditional but in this day of age, the girl will probably approach him... and possibly ask him out.

    Now, there have been some instances were I THOUGHT I was "100 percent" sure the girl liked me but it turned out they didn't. I was stunned when this happened, to say the least.

    I'm not afraid to approach girls but it's pointless to do it in this day of age, where money and social status means more than personality or how you approach girls.


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  • Yeah of course. I like to test females though. See how far they'd go. They still refuse to approach.


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