Never had a girlfriend feel like a loser... Help?

Im 22 and a male but I never had a girlfriend. I always had racing in my life since I was born its been all I known in life. But now I feel like I let it take to much of my life because I never even dated anyone or even been asked by anyone. I have a friend and he been getting all this attention from girls and im just there to sit and watch him talk to them and have someone to talk to. After my dad passing I felt really alone and just like a loser because all I got in my life is a sport I love it but I need someone besides that. I talk to girls but nothing ever comes out of it I can make them laugh hang out but they always go after my friend. The more I hang out with him more I feel like a loser. He is my bestfriend just hurts being alone. I don't know why im typing this but maybe looking for some help or tips or whatever.. Thanks


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  • Do you really need a girlfriend at this point? Just keep doing what you like doing. Don't try forcing a relationship with a girl who will break up with after a few months


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