Can a guy online be serious about a girl, yet still talk to other girls?

Me and this guy have been talking for almost two months now and we want to meet soon, before we decided to he told me once I was the main person he talked to in the site, every once in awhile I see him on when we're not talking, I mean I talk to a few other guys every once in awhile also. one guy is just my friend and I actually talk to him about the other guy. My crush says it's different with me he loves talking to me and he loves that he can relate to me in so many ways. Am I silly for being jealous?


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  • In my experience, it can be difficult to tell. Words on a screen don't convey true emotion. It would be very beneficial to meet him, and look him in the eye and hear his voice. This will help you decide whether or not he truly does love talking to you. Honestly, just me, after I meet a girl that I like, I usually make a small commitment of trust. I will give her all of my attention, and won't look at another romantically, unless of course I find out we aren't right for each other, then I move on. Having, "backup options," or "playing the field," is just sleazy in my opinion. But like you said it may be completely innocent. Time will tell, but don't ever feel silly. Every emotion you're feeling is natural and normal, just meet this guy and you'll know all you need to know.

    Hope this helped, cheers.


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