Girls, Why don't girls approach me?

I'm not trying to sound like I'm all that but I'm very very attractive & better then most and mostly all of your boyfriends but you see why don't girls approach me? Or why don't I have a girlfriend? Haha it's funny... Why do I have to approach girls why can't a girl come up to me and ask me for my name? Are they scared to get rejected, because some girls ignore the fact that i exist... I know some of you girls think wrong of me but I'm just being honest I look good I'm a thug but not hardcore I just do my thang... I'm not a pretty boy I'm just very sexy & good looking I'm Mexican... But you see why do ugly dudes get girls and not me... im kinda shy, like if I go up to a stranger I don't know what I would say to her other then hey wusup what's your name and stuff like that... And some girls that are not even that good looking say they have a boyfriend wich is a lie... Foreal I don't get it... Help me... Is it because I don't holla at girls... I just got out of a relationship & she really destroyed me from the inside... That's why I just stay to my self but I'm over it now... Any advice.. I'm not a cocky person or judge mental... I'm sweet & respectful...


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  • "I'm a thug but I'm not hardcore" did you really just say that. Here's a thought maybe it's your attitude that women find repulsive?

    • Look I don't have a attitude so that's not it, I'm just stating that I'm not your typical person I'm describing what type of person I am a thug but not the retarded thug who kills for no reason but thank you for your "help"

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    • I don't holla at every girl I see I'm not the player type I'm really the type that wants a loyal girl friend I just have trouble on that part because most girls these days don't know what real is I been betrayed & I don't feel happy with a girl who is a snake ha maybe I need to find one in church or something

    • I'm judging you on what you've written, that's what this site is all about and you hardly sound like a catch. Maybe girls don't wanna date a thug? Loyal and nice girls aren't interested in that type of personality.

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