I have a relationship delema?

Well i have had only two girlfriends in my life so far. and i have been single for almost two years. it has been tough on me a bit due to the fact that i was not treated that well in any of them.

and was emotionally and mentally abused by my step mother and it took me a long time to move passed everything that had happened. from moving out to get away from my step mother. leaving a bad relationship that was not good for me gettting passed the fact that my ex posted not so great things about me on twitter. And i have changed my life around per say. Got a job straight out of college, worked on buildig my confidence and reaching for new hights in my growth and self improvement and doing what i can to improve my life.

ever since my ex posted stuff about me over twitter end of last year, it really knocked my self esteem and confidence. That i have been in such a rush to get into a relationship to prove to myelf that what was said is wrong and that i can be loved and I will find someone who will treat me right and respect me.

She posted things like, no one will care for you like i did, because of my ex my standards have risen.
Just mean things. I am getting passed it slowly but surely. but i am not going to lie. my confidence and self esteem regarding woman has taken a knock. but its getting much better.

I want to know if i will end up finding that special someone that i can share my life with and who will respect me as much i as i will respect them. dont get me wrong i hve been on dates and that. but when i think of relationships and if i will get one again. itend to freak out and get a bit scared.


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  • The best thing you can do right now is stay single. You are way more dependent on other people's approval than your own. And that is not a healthy way to live.

    I'd recommend getting some therapy and learning to respect and love yourself without requiring someone else's validation.

    Once you get to that point, THEN you can start dating again.

    • I get what you are saying, my self love and self respect is intact but not 100%, i left that relationship because i was being treated badly and left home because of my ill treatment my step mother had given me. I think all those actions i took is proof to myself that my self love and self respect is intact at the very least. I did go to therapy after everything.

      I just have some insecurities just like everyone else. as for dating yes i think being single for now is a better option. sometimes one just needs that everything will work out in the end. speech.

  • I think you need to take control over you're emotions... you're too young to find that 'special' someone man, you've got years with you. At the moment concentrate on having as much fun as possible while at the same time concentrate on your job and building confidence, everything else will happen on it's own...


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