Dating question?

So I was seeing a guy and we got into a huge fight and we haven't spend time together since.
I'm currently on a dating site (which my friends open for me) and another guy started messaging me and we hit it off. Now the guy I was seeing started talking to me..
I don't know what to do
Should I keep talking to the guy I was seeing before
Or this new guy (I have more in common with him since we are both Hispanics and have similar taste, the other guy is black and raised in Tennessee)
  • keep the old guy
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  • date the new guy
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  • stay single dating life is to complicated
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  • Well it can't be the old guy cos you're on here asking a question about a new guy. There shouldn't be any quandry tbh. So go on a date with the new guy and see what he is about but generally stay until you don't have to ask questions like this.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Are you interested in the guy you had the fight with? I mean, I'm assuming you are still into him or you wouldn't be asking.

    So date them both. It's DATING, not an exclusive relationship. And be honest about it if it comes up. If the guy asking has a problem with it, make it his problem.

  • Statistically your chances of finding happiness are better with the new guy.

  • Go out with both of them, your still dating and not seeing anyone exclusively.


What Girls Said 2

  • C
    Talking to many guys is ideal
    If you have to choose an exclusive relationship, then a bird in the hand (local) is always better than 2 in the bush (LD) where they can hide, do covert stuff, wear disguises, play you...

  • I am a serial dater.
    Men who fight with me = gone.


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