Is she messing me about or genuinely interested?

I had been chatting with a girl for over a week now who I met on a dating app. We live in the same city and it seems we have much in common. The conversation had been great and we've even shared a lot of personal details such as what we want in a relationship etc. She gave me her number and everything. It's strange how well 'clicked' through talking.

But we've not yet met. She has cancelled on me twice. She is currently studying for a phD and is very engrossed in her work, which is understandable. First excuse was work related and the other was due to illness. I wasn't annoyed with the cancelling if I'm honest. However, I did ask her outright if she was genuinely interested to meet and if she wasn't she should just tell me. She said the stress of college is getting to her and she very much wants to meet. She claims she is getting behind on her thesis which is due soon.

She has "promised" to "make it up to me" and said she'll make it worth my while. She also apologised for stopping chatting but says her time is very limited and has said things are getting on top of her. She said she feels a connection and definitely doesn't want to lose it. I simply said I understood and it wasn't an issue for me. There has been virtually no contact for five days now except I messaged her two days ago asking how she was and she spoke briefly and said sorry for not contacting me lately. Then she stopped talking again.

I don't know what to believe as I haven't met her. Is she simply too stressed and can't focus on anything else but work? She says her work is her everything these days. Should I wait and leave her to it? Or simply move on? Any help is appreciated.


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  • phD programs are extremely demanding. My TA for one of my classes was in a phD program, 29 years old, and she told all of us how she had no life, etc. I tend to believe that she is genuine about how busy she is and that you will just have to wait until this thesis is completed to get her attention; she has to put relationships on hold for now, like it or not.


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