I ended my friends with benefits but he came back?

So i decided to suddenly end my friends with benefits because i realised i cared way too much about him, and i didn't feel like he reciprocated the feelings, it wasn't even worth asking because i knew the answer. So I told him i couldn't do it anymore, i couldn't handle it. He wouldn't let me go because he didn't know the reason why and he wanted an explanation. Someone explained it to him because i couldn't bring myself to do it, and he came back. I asked him to cheer me up first, and he said he didn't know how to because he's really bad at expressing his emotions. I had to tell him what to do. So he started making dates with me again, except this time, there's a bit more pda, more hugs, and more contact on his side. Do you think he cares for me too?


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  • sometimes guys do some extra effort just to make their deceiving actions more truthful. leave him. if he didn't stop, make him shamed in front of many people. some guys deserve that kind of situation.


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  • He 'Cares for me' More than he is letting on, however, with his sure signs from where I am sitting of Fighting for you in His own way to save the day, I believe he Saved this relationship that just may one Day... Lead to More in store.
    He, in essence, had 'Reciprocated the feelings,' and with no hymning and Hawing... He really is pretty good at expressing his emotions, here, dear.
    It will of course not change the feelings in your heart, except to love him even more now. However, it also may be a Sure Sign that something special that may Seem like a Friends with Benefits factor is in actuality Going slow with a flow of nursing and nurturing.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Sounds like he's making an effort so yeah it may turn into a real relationship. Is he taking you out or just coming over late night for some action?

    • we go out all the time, and we hang out all day too. but i think he's still "fishing" for other girls as well before, thats why i was so insecure. it does seem like he's put more effort in now, but i don't want to get my hopes up only to fall even further.

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