Does she like me through texting or is she starting to like me?

Been talking to her a bit through chat, don't know if she is starting to get interested in me.

She sends laughting smilleys at my things even if they are not funny, she ends her sentences with a laughing smilley, she sends smirks smilleys and things like that. She also sends winks too.

But this might just be a social convention and how she talks in general, can't figure it out. I am not that close enough to ask her out, I am not too sure if she feels comfortable with me.

And even if I do I can't figure how to interact with her and push things forward, that's why I am asking here.

I wanted to know if she is interested or if she is becoming more and more interested so that I know what I am doing right. Once I get the hang of that I have better chances for scoring with her once I ask her out.


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  • All of the Sure Signs of Signals that I use when I am Into someone, @Alecu...
    Hang in there, and keep the 'Chat' going and flowing by even Adding a few of your own Interesting... Interactions.
    Good luck. xx

  • how long have you been chatting/texting? have you tried calling her? Anyway, If she replies to your texts and keeps the conversation going, then you have chances. We're talking about chances so you can't really tell unless you ask her out but this is a good sign :)


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