Working in a service job, any experiences?

There is this cute girl on my campus that works in a local coffeeshop, also on campus. I want to get to know her a bit better, so I usually make small talk while she's preparing my "stuff", she also noticed my tattoo's and asked about them and also knows what I usually take. The thing is I would like to get to know her better but I don't want to interrupt her job, I mean it IS where she makes a living from. It's been like 2 weeks since we've first talked and I would at least love to introduce myself by name, and get to know hers but have no idea how. Also don't want to hang around her workplace too long. So do any of you girls have experience with this, or anys guys that have been in the same situation. And how could I find out even if she has like a relationship.


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  • In the short time that you have talking to her, just try to tell yourself every time you see her, pick up one piece of info about her. Ask one question. Like "so do you live on campus?" Boom, she'll say yes or no, and you'll know. "So you have any classes today?" and so on. Best advice I have for ya. Good luck.


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  • If you want her to know your name, make a joke about whether she's going to write it on the coffee like they do at Starbucks.

    Honestly, though, if someone is working, I leave them alone.


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  • You could just quietly slip her your phone number after you get your stuff.

    • We only pay with debit card at school, so there is no money exchanging or receipt giving involved. I wouldn't know a way to "slip" it in.

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