Guys, What do I do?

So there was this guy, imagine absolute perfection, he's a model, hangs out with models and hot women constantly. We got talking, it took a lot of effort but he started to like me, kiss smileys every message telling me he is happy to learn I like him etc...

Anyway, I have a boyfriend, its an unhealthy relationship I cannot remove myself from easily. Mainly because he has had a tough time recently and also because I don;t want to be on my own. This guy is 4000 miles from me so it doesn't make sense to give up my life to meet this guy and then throw everything in to turmoil.

HOWEVER I did REALLY like him. I was hoping to meet him when I go to his country to model and maybe hang out but I did a silly thing on Saturday...

Someone knocked my confidence and I started to doubt everything, why would this guy want me? He hangs out at the playboy mansion FFS... I am just average girl next door type (apparently what he liked best about me). So I got all insecure and asked why he was bothering with me when he could have all these other girls... he then says 'what are you complaining about?' I said 'well come on we both know you dont want me really' and then he stopped talking.

I realised my mistake instantly in that I had let someone bring me down again and what is more unleashed my insecurities to him. So my question is how to I make him see I am not totally nuts and start talking again? I tried apologising and explaining. He doesn't get why I won't just leave my boyfriend but its because I am scared I end up alone... I also cannot leave him as he has had a rough time lately and he is finally getting better... So advice guys? please?


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  • Cat fish maybe? Or user... Non that about him adds up in my mind.

    • he's real I know all of that :)

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    • yeah well this guy gave me my confidence back which is why i fell so hard back down to earth when the other person was so hard on me.

    • Ok I'm happy to here that don't lose it again no matter what though love yourself first.

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  • My advise is to but your big girl panties on and leave your current boyfriend and live on your own. Making excuses and showing weakness in being able to stand on your own would put me off more then your insecurities about yourself.

    • Thats what neither he nor you understand...

      For now, leaving my boyfriend would turn his world upside down. I am a selfless person and I can continue to be miserable until his life has taken off. He recently lost his father and his mother is never around. I am the only stability he has and I owe him the time to stick around until he is settled in his new job and things...

    • You see it as doing him a favor. But in fact you are going behind his back talking to this guy and wanting to be with him and being with your current boyfriend out of pity. You just said it's an unhealthy relationship so why give sacrifice your life being miserable to appease someone who treats that way? The fact you want this "absolute perfection" of a guy to be your side man and have an emotional connection with him why you lay next to another man is something you don't understand. I think you owe it to yourself and your boyfriend to part ways. Both of you will end up stronger from it.

  • Then women want relationships. You are literally cheating because a guy is hotter. That model has a right to be scared of you because you will just fuck any guy that is hotter than him.

    • not true... the only reason I even mentioned that was so you knew that the girls he hangs out with want him... he could have anyone.

    • but you are still a cheater

    • I am cheating because there is a male friend I like? No. We have been nothing more than friends, we find each other attractive yes but I will never be with him, just hate the fact that our communication ended so abruptly.

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