Is this guy just full of shit? Guys help?

We've been in contact since we were in middle school. We've been hanging our often as of lately. He'll always message me out of no where. Yes we have hooked up. I had called and text Him yesterday and he didn't respond to me all day. He text me this morning saying "jennnnnn" you don't know understand what I been through" and proceeded to tell me how he got into an accident. But really, you couldn't message me back? Is he just not that into me?
My thing is, you really couldn't text me back? And then he asked what I was doing tomorrow and that he wanted to take me out and we can get a "place to watch tv" hahaha! He lives with his parents so we can't really chill there if you know what I mean.. no privacy. And initially, when we first started hanging out he would text every other day or every other few days. Now he'll call or text everyday. I mean how could I tell of he's into me for more than sex? We have sex often lol


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  • The best way to tell if a guy wants you for sex or to hang out is to stop fucking them everytime you hang out. Ask him if he can just take you out without you having to "bone him" for your meal.


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