Am I the only female who is going to be 21 soon and has never been in a romantic relationship? Plus I do not have many friends?

Or are there more of me that I have not met yet? ( I am sure there are, yet I am being sarcastic yet significantly worried in a way haha). Plus, I don't have any friends.


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  • I'm sure your not the only one but your very young still, you must not get out much to be approached I guess, you should try to be in places people meet around your age group or hang out with people after work

    • You know, I was approached in highschool but never took the offer because I am super picky haha. Now that I am in college and work a sufficient amount of hours, I need to take the opportunity to go out more and meet new people. I only have 1 or 2 friends, but I need to stop being so introverted and take the initiative to be more social. I find myself making excuses to study, make money and remain to myself. Even if I do go out often, I probably would not even get approached by someone of interest. Does my situation sound abnormal? I am going to be 21 in 2 months -_-.

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    • Well I think im pretty and am told I am pretty by many people.

    • So that's probably what's going on then, well the next time a nice looking guy approaches you try to continue the conversation

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  • Of course you're not the only one. However, don't pay mind to it. It will eventually happen to you. You probably need to widen your circle of friends.


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  • No, you aren't but my suggestion is start dating to get experience because when you finally meet that special man you might not be able to satisfy him due to your inexperience.


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