We had a few dates and then hooked up... He suddenly changed his behavior after a small fight. Should I ignore him?

Me and this guy have a ton of mutual friends.. We saw each other at parties but never spoke. Two weeks ago he got in touch with me and asked me out. We had a few fun dates and then hooked up. The next day we had a fight over something stupid which was neither one of our faults and things have been weird since. He isn't the same guy at all. I tried to patch things up for a couple of days. He said it was ok but still is very cold and distant. Finally i told him over a text that i couldnt handle his behavior anymore and it seemed like we just want different things. I was nice to him in the text but assertive.
Now i miss him and i really wish he would try to make amends like i did when we fought. What do i do? Should i just let go?


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  • if he acts like this after just a few dates, imagine the future with him? just forget about him. You dont even have got to know him really well and he is already making your life miserable, love yourself and find someone else.

    • I guess you're right. I havnt texted or called him yet.. just got myself really busy.. I know we don't have a future... But i can't seem to get over all the fun we had... I guess I'll forget it all in time :)

      Thanks a ton!!

  • what did you fight about?

    • Some silly assumption he made about me based on what someone said... Sad thing is he dint so much as consider to give me a chance to put across my side of the whole thing :/

    • if he's acting immature, ignore him then!

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