May sound silly, but psychology people... how can I tell what my gut instinct is telling me? Any light?

Last night, I thought of two of my exes. One from 2 years ago and one from 6 months ago.

Many head was clear, and I just wanted to know what my gut said about both of the guys.

I thought of my most recent ex from 6 month ago first and felt no twinges in my stomach, just peacefulness as I rested. But when I thought of my ex from two years ago, my stomach was knotted for a split second.

I find it strange because I'd expect my stomach to knot at the thought of my most recent ex, since we ended pretty badly and not on speaking terms, not to mention that I miss him badly!

Whats your take on this?
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  • Your instincts can be wrong i wonder why people always think of their exes
    don't people get enough of their ex to know a ex is ex for a reason ,
    Why would someone still feel in love with someone who no longer cares
    about them this makes no sense to me sounds like young , dumb and
    full of vaginal cum.


Most Helpful Girl

  • your gut as you describe it is your hormones. I find it helpful to write out my thought or a pros and cons list when I am feel in gin tense things then review it a few days later. Usually I can see that answer or realize that my thinking was loopy. Just take a step back when it come to love trust your head when making decisions.


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  • Its indecisiveness and general loneliness if you don't have a boyfriend. There is no subconsciousness layer going on here, if you get back out on the dating scene or focus on something else, maybe that's what the real instinct is telling you.


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