Does it sound like my boyfriend was kicking me out?

He picked me up at 630 pm and we stopped and got chinese food. We then watched a movie at his place. In the middle of the movie I was kissing him and things went further. He paused the movie and we went upstairs. We then came down stairs and started watching the rest of the movie. Once it was over, he got up put on his shoes and we went home This was at about 9:30. My boyfriend is 14 years older than me and a day prior he had to work overtime. He is salaried so sometimes he has to go in on the weekend and then he had to go in in the morning on the same Sun. How do I bring this up to him, or should I just let it go. We normally don't see each but once or twice to wk due to schedules. I want to address this but not seem needy


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  • Why did you to go to your place? What was his motif?


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