Guys, how can I keep the text conversation fun and flirty? and do guys like that?

OK well my boyfriend and I text quite a bit. He is either really I love you's, your amazing etc.., or he gets kinda quiet. He usually initiates our text conversations. I have just begun initiating some of our conversations. I do not want to appear clingy!

Guys, help me understand when a guy gets really quiet, should I be worried, or it that normal? If he gets quiet should I ask if he's OK..or will that be annoying?and what can I do to keep his be flirty text?


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  • Rarely if ever ask if he is okay, that is what makes us worry about clingy. and what exactly do you mean by quiet? Just doesn't type back? because he could be at work or just not by the phone.

    • Yeah, I thought the same thing about asking if he was ok.

      and when he gets quiet. he replies, just kind of one word or two. He is either very drippy sweet or quiet.

  • If he gets quiet he might be busy doing something!

    It doesn't hurt to initiate conversations through phone calls or texts. Just send him a text and ask him how his day is going...that you wish he was there with you...etc. sending a few texts is fine if he's not sending any! If you send one and he doesn't respond just wait or call him. Like I said he might be busy doing something and will reply when he has the opportunity to do so.

    Don't send multiple texts in a row if he hasn't replied. Then you'll seem clingy!

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