Help! 23 and angry?

I can't deal with the dissappointments anymore. I struggled all my life and so tired. I suffered an trauma (medical problem and i had to undergo a tough treatment) in my eyes at an early age that made me stone cold like a zombie, i was very depressed and never realized it. Im 23 and i live at home but im trying to find a home for months now but the process is slow and im getting more depressed, im wasting away more of my younger years in this DEAD town with horrible memories. Im 23, im supposed to have fun and live life but for GODS SAKE i never even been in a relationship or had sex because im too depressed and angry, no one wants to be with someone like that. Living at home is also making me depresed with my mother who is a ex schizoprhenic and a depressed sister who gave up on life a long time ago and locks herself up all day. Im stilla student.


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  • Did the trauma in your eye changed you physically (sorry couldn't get what do you mean by stone cold like a zombie), you definitely have a great sense of humour... you have to find out what is it that is making you angry, seeking therapy would be first step for that. Moving out of home probably would not be a bad idea, you can live in the dorms since I'm guessing that you are a college student...
    Look for ways through which you can minimize the effects of injury that you sustained... I'm sure medical science must have a solution for that, look into alternative medicine too...

    • emotionally it changed me emotionally

    • okay then it gets easier, definitely seek some therapy from a professional, just talking about it would have a healing effect.
      second, do not bother about being in a relationship or still being a virgin, instead think of the ways through which you can have as much fun as possible...

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  • what kind of student?

  • I could come and help with the sex thing lol


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